Thud. Mac-Thud. (macthud) wrote,
Thud. Mac-Thud.

karma revisions... please...

The evening began well, and kit_holliday did not disappoint in her second time out with the new band. They were clearly having a very good time, and the show ran in 3 sets from slightly after 8 to just about midnight, with fairly brief breaks.

I hit the road homeward at about 12:30, and made good time -- even given the very exciting return of the fuel pump issues I had last year. I got about 20 miles, from Onset to just about Plymouth on Route 3 -- and suddenly there was no power under my foot. Turned the key, and it spun and spun, but fired not at all. Coasting down the conveniently timed off-ramp, I pulled over, and sat for about 5 minutes -- and the beast started right up, as if there'd been no problem.

Another 20 miles or so, into the Quincy/Milton vicinity, and one more stall, again just in time for an off-ramp (though slightly too late for the actual emergency pull-off). Sat for another 5 minutes -- and vroom! From there to home, no more problems....

But I'm so done with this crap, and I think, with this van.

I just dropped about $1000 into it for brake work, but I think that's money down the drain. I don't think it's worth another $300-500 for *another* fuel pump replacement (last spring and summer, I went through 3 pumps over about 4 months, as one died, and then the first 2 replacements died under warranty).

So, now I'm shopping, for real and true. I've got the latest WantAd, to see what's out there... and I just have to hope I can pull a deal together before this one dies, and my commute gets totally destroyed.

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