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Are you interested in a NEW and EXCITING research opportunity?

ganked from viashno, and responses go to *his* project...

If you are interested, excited, or confused,

Some of you may have read our previous ads for a study on pirates and ninjas, and now it is all here! To participate, simply reply with your answers to the following questions. Or if you wish to remain anonymous, email your answers to me. If you reply via e-mail, your answers may still be quoted, though your name will not be used, unless you specify otherwise. If you reply in this post, I have complete rights to use your answers anyway I see fit, and to attach your name to them. You will also have to give me your soul, though due to binding contracts, roughly one fifth of your souls will be handed over to [info]shadowsfire for his personal enjoyment. Thank you, this has been a public service announcement.

Ninja/Pirate Survey

1.) Do you consider yourself a ninja, or a pirate?


2.) For what reasons did you decide to choose to be a ninja or pirate?

Arrrrr, when I was but a mere boy, me pay-ter took me on a sailing voyage, arrrr... and so it began

3.) What activities do you most often conduct as a ninja or pirate?

Scupperin', swillin', and pillagin', arrrrrrrrr

4.) What "goodwill" activities do you conduct within your role as a ninja or pirate?

Arrrrr! What be this "goodwill" ye speak of, ye scurvy swine?

5.) What "goodwill" activities do you conduct outside of your role as a ninja or pirate?

Ye're focusing too much on myths and legends, boyo! Arrrrrrrrr!

6.) If you are a ninja, what are your opinions on pirates, and vice versa?

Those silly slippers will never do in a storm at sea, matey. Shiver me shivers!

7.) In your opinion, what are the benefits of society, as it is known today?

Back to the myths again... Have another grog, ye swab!

8.) What are it's flaws and what are you doing to fix them?

Ye want me to waste me trays-yure on fixing what you've broken? lad, ye've been riding that yardarm a bit too long, methink! Aye!

9.) I, the undersigned, hereby give viashno full permission to use my answers anyway he sees fit, and may quote them to me, so that all of the world knows who made these comments, or at least the people who see viashno's wonderful essay.


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