Thud. Mac-Thud. (macthud) wrote,
Thud. Mac-Thud.

bright and cold

It's a holiday weekend, for most people I know, but I don't know of much happening tonight -- so here's a last minute chance to summon me.

Yesterday was a whirlwind tour of the Mass Pike, starting at about 6am, leading to a 9am start of rehearsal for a recording session to be held next week. Rehearsal went pretty well, and finished up about 3pm, when it was time to get back on the Pike, and return homeward.

Pike traffic was generally light, except for the jam up getting around a rather impressive tractor-trailer rollover -- no significant damage to the roadway, nor to the shoulder onto which they rolled, winding up upside down and facing backward. Even there, the traffic was only ugly for a few miles -- roughly from the I-84 interchange to 1/2 mile past the nearby rest area.

From travel, I tried to touch base with a few folks with whom I should be spending more time, only succeeding with 2, who had other plans... So, I paused for a brief nap -- perhaps an hour's sleep -- and proceeded to another friend's Vinyl Party, themed around his 33-1/3 Birthday. There was fine music, interesting conversation, much eye candy, a new beverage (the PVC -- pineapple, vodka, cranberry). Conversations being what they are, I wound up being the last to leave the party, grateful for the host's offer of a fairly comfortable couch-bed, but feeling my spine's need for my own waterbed, and I arrived back home at about 4am.

I was briefly wakeful, and got to sleep about 5 -- and only arose at about 4, this afternoon, refreshed in body, but rather foggy of brain. Time for coffee, and an effort to find evening plans, and possible tomorrow plans to boot...

(Today, through a few sources, I've learned that there were at least 2 other events last night, which I now remember I had planned to attend -- of which all record had been lost in my laptop theft. I hope those are the only ones I lose this way, but I fear there will be more. I hope the hosts who noted my lack-of-presence took no offense.)

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