Thud. Mac-Thud. (macthud) wrote,
Thud. Mac-Thud.

dammit... sometimes, I hate technology...

I had a couple hundred open tabs in my Firefox session.

One of the windows had loaded a broken javascript or somesuch, and it was sucking down CPU, even though the offending tab/page had been closed.

So I quit Firefox -- since I'm using Session Saver 2, and should have had all my tabs saved and reloaded.

It turns out, I should have FORCEQUIT, because the session saving stalled midway, and when I though I was relaunching Firefox, I was actually interrupting the session save, and thus when it really *did* get quit, all it saved was the default new window -- and not the couple hundred open tabs.

So, I've lost a bunch of things -- things I was looking at or working on for work, and a bunch of LJ posts I was going to respond to, and a few OKCupid emails and profile pages I was going to answer, and ghu only knows what all else.

Reloading everything from my last few days history could be done -- but that's more like a thousand pages, and will take lots of time to process adequately, so is VERY unlikely to happen...

So -- if I owe you feedback on any web-accessible site/page/message/thing, please remind me. I'm not intentionally ignoring you. I'm just not capable of remembering all the things I had thought my technology was remembering *for* me....


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