Thud. Mac-Thud. (macthud) wrote,
Thud. Mac-Thud.

This month, in preview...

This evening is likely to be spent doing a bit of childproofing around the adobe in preparation for early-Saturday's social time with one of my favorite small blondes and one of my favorite moms (not mine, in this case), followed by a 33-1/3 birthday party for another favorite mom in the evening (again not mine). Moral-support company tonight would be welcome, but I'll not be going out... I think Sunday is empty but for domestic tasks (laundry, bills, yet-still-even-more unpacking, etc.), but if you've a better idea, or if I've forgotten something you know of -- please let me know!

Next weekend, from Friday to Sunday, January 13-15, I'll be in the Boston Park Plaza Hotel, at Arisia, getting my semi-annual dose of SF fandom. Lots of people I see far too infrequently will be there, and though I will try, I will likely not see all of you/them. But please -- let me know if you'll be there. Maybe we can share one of the several meals of the weekend, otherwise spend some Quality Time™ together ... or at least meet in the flesh, if you're one of those I haven't yet!

The following weekend, I think I have almost nothing on the books (!)...

Friday, January 20, I'll be headed to the Red Rock Bistro & Bar (141 Humphrey Street, Swampscott, MA, 781.595.1414) to hear another round of the ever-fabulous chick singa, kit_holliday, performing with the Matthew Stubbs Band, starting up at 9pm or 9:30pm, depending on which site you believe. I aim to be there by 9.

Saturday and Sunday -- please let me know where I'm forgetting I'm supposed to be!

Then, for the last weekend of the month, I'll be at A Feast of Lights. The official reminder announcement --

Feast of Lights, EarthSpirit's midwinter gathering is just around the corner: January 27-29. In true Imbolc fashion we come together to keep each other warm -- but in a comfortable Inn in Northampton, Massachusetts. We share traditions and stories, we sing, dance and drum together, we learn from excellent teachers, we bask in the sun in our very own "tropical solarium" and swim in the heated pool, we browse among multi-talented merchants and, on Saturday night, we honor the Winter with dancing and ritual at the Stag Kings Masque - a ritual theater/costume ball extravaganza.

Won't you come and join in the warmth of community at this, the coldest time of year? Call 413-238-4240 for more information, or visit us at

We hope to see you there.

I've been to every Feast since the first, and they've all been fabulous in different ways. This one promises no different. If you can't do the whole weekend, but you're somewhere vaguely nearby, do consider just coming for the Masque -- the costumes are grand, the musical mix is always enticing, and dancing into the wee small hours is strongly encouraged.


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