Thud. Mac-Thud. (macthud) wrote,
Thud. Mac-Thud.

evening of nothing... ideas?

Tomorrow will be familial visitation, at least at the parental estate, and possibly with side trips to grandparental or uncle/aunt/cousin homes, or maybe old and oft-neglected friends along the way...

but tonight, which has only ever had one tradition for me -- staying up much of the night with my folks (as the eldest), watching all sorts of holiday movies and specials, drinking eggnog and mulled cider and the like, while wrapping the vast piles of presents accumulated mostly by my mother, destined for my 3 siblings, 13 cousins, 9 aunts-and-uncles, 3 (down to 2 while in college, and as of fairly recently, now 1) grandparents, and assorted partners and friends and partners of friends, etc., etc. -- is unoccupied this year.

I've no planned party attendance, no concerts or other shows, no dinner dates...

But I do have a fair quantity of tasty nibbles and libations, a large library of videos, the jumbotron, and a comfy and warm place to hang out. So -- if you're not doing anything, or if you're just not ready to go to your own home when you finish whatever you are doing -- give me a call, send up a flare, or something... I'm three minutes off Route 1, just north of Boston...

I'm not opposed to going out, either, so if you're holding an event, and I've overlooked the announcement or invitation -- please forgive, and remind me :-)

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