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Monday's event -- TraniWreck's last until April?

Whether I start the day as mrsdiomedes predicted, with a cold cloth on my head, tomorrow evening will find me in the heart of Boston, enjoying the insanity that is TraniWreck, in their last show before a well-deserved hiatus for rest and recuperation --

Date: Fri, 16 Dec 2005 00:46:08 -0500
From: Aliza Shapiro <>
Subject: bears don't have to pee when they hibernate

supposedly they can recycle their urine and reuse it. this makes me want
to be a bear even more. i want to hibernate.

hey folks.
i'm wiped out from the sales and from making more ties for more sales.
but it's all good since my car broke and i love the ties and patches and
need the cash. oh yah! there are new ties and patches! there are ties
with skulls and cross bones and also ties with reflective details. and
there are fun patches made of vintage fabric and some of those have
reflective details too...i'll have photos of them posted soon. isn't updated right now. but it will be soon.

but here's what's happening anyway:

friday 16th UtiliTies at toast selling ties from 7pm on. check for details. come early and shop! or show on
line with your credit card

monday 19th is TraniWreck's Horrendous Horrible Holiday Hell show! Come
celebrate the holidays by exorcising your holiday demons with the
TraniWreck crew. We're inviting the audience to participate with us.
*Bring your most horrible holiday story to share and the worst one will
win a prize.* Featuring Heywood Wakefield, Sir Loins, Ms. Dominica K,
and Miss Nicole Pride and others. for details.

SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT TRANIWRECK: we're tired. we need a brake. we're going
on winter hibernation hiatus and will resurface skinny and refreshed in
the spring. this means, probably April. that's's most
outrageous drag show is taking a well deserved rest. rumors are flying
about rehab, plastic surgery, heywood's career taking off in
hollywood...none of which can be confirmed...but don't worry, the
TraniWreck crew will have other local events for you to enjoy in the
mean's just they'll be different and probably bigger...and
then will be coming back in full swing with some old and some new cast
members in the spring.

wednesday 21st. truth serum is hosting Crafts in the Clubs at The Middle
East downstairs. a bunch of artists and crafters will be selling our
wares down there at the Princess Superstar, Freezepop, U.V. Protection
show. for details. i love U.V. Protection,
and we'll be there selling stuff for your last minute holiday gifting
needs. so you should come early and shop!
(ps. if i haven't gotten back to you about this, i will shortly. sorry
for the delay.)

that's about all for me for now. i'll update the site soon. check back.

OH! if you want to help me out tell people about UtiliTies!
here, you can even cut and paste this:
UtiliTies are hand stenciled vintage ties made by Aliza Shapiro of Truth
Serum Productions in Boston. They are super cool and she can do special
orders. check out UtiliTies at

thank you.

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