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The Story So Far... (2019-11-22)

Our hero persists, but the object of his quest is in another castle.

A little background: At the age of 10, our hero's inflamed, near-bursting appendix was removed. The average adult appendix is less than 4" long; his juvenile appendix was about 11" (and would have been longer when fully grown). In other words, while his basic anatomical structures match other humans, the details may vary wildly.

So, when the doctors initially found the current tumor, they measured its location from the most obvious landmark, and said "15cm from point A, that should be a few cm beyond the rectum and into the sigmoid colon".

For me, that's actually only about halfway (!) along the rectum, which they discovered after inserting laparoscopes and other instruments, in preparation for the planned extraction.

That discovery changes the official diagnosis from colon cancer to rectal cancer, and *that* changes the standard treatment regimen, and all *that* means that the surgery-in-progress was stopped before the major action began.

So, I've got a few holes in my belly to heal, and will get a few more before this is done. Congratulations, Hero, bonus scars!

Because of the overall rectal length, he basics of the originally planned surgery -- that is, to remove the tumor along with a section of pipe above and below it, and then connect the remaining pipe ends -- are likely to be the basics of the soon-to-be-planned surgery, just working on a somewhat different kind of pipe.

Next steps can't be planned until more testing is done (primarily, an MRI with contrast), which will be upon availability of the necessary equipment, on or before Dec 6.

For now, I'm at home, recuperating from a smaller but still significant procedure.

Your continued prayers, spells, wishes, etc., are more than welcome and appreciated.

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PSA about invisible imported LJ posts

I just found out (thanks, wotw!) -- the DW "reading page" doesn't include posts that were imported from LJ (or other site).

So DW people probably haven't seen any of my previous posts, because I haven't spent the time to figure out and implement the whole cross-posting cross-commenting mess. I've just done an import on DW when a meaty LJ post justified it.

So if you read DW, and not LJ, and you haven't seen my recent posts... you may want to read at least the latest, "joining the club...", which isn't a throw-away, and isn't just a twitter-echo.

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joining the club...

Congratulations, everyone! You know the latest member of the colonic adenocarcinoma club! I don’t even remember submitting an application! (Yeah, that’d be me, with the colon cancer.)

First thing — when your primary care doc reminds you to start the colonoscopy routine at age 50 — do it. If I’d done so a couple years ago, I might have gotten out with just a little snip.

But I’m a procrastinator, so things grew a bit, and now they’re gonna have to take out a foot or so of my plumbing (colon), next Thursday. Still, I may be lucky enough to skip the chemo and/or radiation cocktails. Fingers crossed!

I expect to be in hospital for a few days, and on extra light duty for a few weeks to a couple months.

This all means I need your help. Prayers are good, as are blessings, spells, wishes, hopes, and all the other intangibles you all can spare.

Also, I’ve just moved in with my partner, and she could use some of that juju, too, as we didn’t have this on the calendar.

Depending how things go, physical help may yet be needed, as there’s a lot of unpacking and arranging still to do, mixed with preparations for a likely whole-house move in 6-9 months for her hoped-for new job.

Updates are likely by next weekend.